Mississippi State Advanced Stats

  • AY/Att – Air Yards per Attempt. The average distance the ball travels through the air per pass attempt.

    CTgt – Contested target. Any time the receiver had to compete with a defensive back for the ball.

    CRec – Contested targets which still resulted in a completed pass.

    Db – Dropbacks. Total number of times a QB drops back to pass.

    Dp – Number of dropped passes by receivers.

    Fm – Fumble
    Fm Lst – Fumble lost

    Ht – A hit on the QB.

    Hur – Hurry. When the QB was forced from the pocket, or forced to rush/alter his throw by a defender.

    MT – Missed tackle (or missed tackles forced for offensive players).

    PB Snaps – Pass block snaps.

    PB % – Pass block percentage. Total percentage of pass block snaps on which the blocker did not allow a sack, hit or hurry.

    Pres – Number of times QB was pressured.

    Stuff – Any play resulting a zero or negative yards.

    TA – Thrown away. Number of balls thrown away by QB.

    Tack % – Tackle percentage. Calculated as tackles divided by tackles + missed tackles)

    YAC (RBs) – Yards after contact. Defined as yards gained after significant contact which took some level of strength and/or agility to avoid. Does not include yards after the first minor or incidental contact.

    YAC (WRs) – Yards after catch.