Why are your stats wrong?

Yes, we know our stats don’t match up with the numbers you’re seeing elsewhere. There are a number of reasons for this.

Most frequently, especially with common statistics such as rushing and passing yards, it’s because we believe the NCAA’s policy for recording official statistics is archaic, at best, and often just flat out illogical.

The most common question we get is in regards to rushing and passing yards. When our stats differ in these categories it is almost always due to our policies on tap passes and sacks.

Unlike the NCAA, we do not treat sacks as negative rushing yards. Because they’re, well, not running plays.

We also choose to treat tap passes and other short pitches or shovel passes as handoffs rather than passes. The NCAA treats anything that leaves the quarterback’s hand and travels forward as a pass. This is a little more simplistic and easier for them to differentiate, but we feel it doesn’t paint an accurate picture of what happened.

As for “official” defensive stats. Well, those are just plain fiction. Defensive statistics at the college level (and even in the NFL) are dramatically overinflated. Our analysts go over every play to identify the player actually responsible for the tackle, sack, etc. rather that just create a fictitious list of everyone who piled on or was in the vicinity of the tackle.


Why are your advanced stats different from other sites?

Most advanced stats are subjective, there’s just no way around that. But we can remove most of the subjective element by creating a definition to follow. For example, what is a contested catch? Your definition might be different than ours, but our analysts are all trained to follow the same critera for every advanced stat.

If you’re comparing one advanced stats source to another, you’re comparing two different definitions. But if you compare two players’ stats from the same source, you have them on a level playing field and both sources are equally valuable, even if the exact numbers are different.


Why don’t you have stats for Team X?

We’re gradually building our database of teams, but it will take some time for us to have data for all FBS teams available. If you’re interested in helping us grow you can join our team.


When will Team X be updated?

Our goal this season is to have all the team’s we’re charting complete by Tuesday night. But we won’t publish anything until it’s been thoroughly checked over and we’re confident in our numbers. This occasionally leads to delays. We want to get you the stats as fast as possible, but accuracy is our No. 1 goal, so we’d rather take a little longer and get the stats correct.