Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush: 2017 Passing Chart

Passing Chart and Advanced Stats from Wimbush's 2017 Season

Brandon Wimbush led one of the highest scoring offenses in Notre Dame history in 2017, and helped the Irish to a 10-3 record while earning the No. 11 slot in the final AP Poll.

The season wasn’t all smooth sailing for Wimbush, however, and Notre Dame’s offense often chugged along despite his performance rather than because of it.

Here’s a look back at Wimbush’s passing chart and some more advanced stats from his first year as the Irish’s starting quarterback:

  • Wimbush’s performance at the intermediate level shows his most glaring flaw as a passer. He completed just 29-of-62 passes when throwing between 10-19 yards downfield, which is often the area where quarterbacks have to navigate the most defenders on the field.
  • Some of Wimbush’s poor numbers aren’t entirely his fault, however. Notre Dame receivers had a 16 percent drop rate on throws from Wimbush.
  • Wimbush’s accuracy was also an issue, however, as 17.5 percent of his throws were uncatchable. And when he was facing pressure, that uncatchable rate rose to 19.4 percent—almost one out of every five attempts.
  • Even though Wimbush wasn’t great at passing under pressure, he did excel at avoiding costly mistakes. Surprisingly, none of Wimbush’s interceptions came while under pressure, although pressure did cause him to fumble three times (twice against Georgia, once against Miami).

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