Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett Continues to Improve Downfield Passing

Barrett is completing over 50 percent of his throws downfield in recent weeks


Early this season, especially after the loss to Oklahoma, all Ohio State fans wanted to talk about was ineptitude of Ohio State’s downfield passing game.

Criticism of J.T. Barrett’s performance was warranted, as he was just 9-30 on throws 10 or more yards downfield through the Buckeyes first two games. But perhaps some early struggles should have been anticipated, as Barrett lost nearly all of his primary targets from a season ago and was also adjusting to a new offensive coordinator (Kevin Wilson).

In the five games since those high-profile struggles against Indiana and Oklahoma, Barrett is completing 56.5 percent of his throws at 10 or more yards downfield, including a 10-14 performance against Nebraska. It’s fair to point out the Buckeyes haven’t faced the greatest defenses in recent weeks, but Indiana and Oklahoma’s secondaries aren’t much to marvel at either.

The substantial rise in Barrett’s performance appears to be more than just him feasting on bad defenses, and Buckeyes fans should expect continued success in the passing game even as the schedule toughens down the stretch.


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