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Colorado 41, Oregon 38

Advanced Stat of the Game: It wasn’t the outcome they wanted, but it wasn’t all bad news for the Oregon Ducks versus Colorado. Redshirt-freshman Brady Aiello, filling in for the injured Tyrell Crosby at left tackle, allowed zero QB pressures in 36 snaps in pass protection. For Oregon to rebound and get this season back on track, they’ll need continued strong play from Aiello on the left side.

AY/Att – Air Yards per Attempt. The average distance the ball travels through the air per pass attempt.

CTgt – Contested target. Any time the receiver had to compete with a defensive back for the ball.

CRec – Contested targets which still resulted in a completed pass.

Db – Dropbacks. Total number of times a QB drops back to pass.

Dp – Number of dropped passes by receivers.

Fm – Fumble
Fm Lst – Fumble lost

Ht – A hit on the QB.

Hur – Hurry. When the QB was forced from the pocket, or forced to rush/alter his throw by a defender.

MT – Missed tackle (or missed tackles forced for offensive players).

PB Snaps – Pass block snaps.

PB % – Pass block percentage. Total percentage of pass block snaps on which the blocker did not allow a sack, hit or hurry.

Pres – Number of times QB was pressured.

Stuff – Any play resulting a zero or negative yards.

TA – Thrown away. Number of balls thrown away by QB.

Tack % – Tackle percentage. Calculated as tackles divided by tackles + missed tackles)

YAC (RBs) – Yards after contact. Defined as yards gained after significant contact which took some level of strength and/or agility to avoid. Does not include yards after the first minor or incidental contact.

YAC (WRs) – Yards after catch.

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Brent Archer

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