Josh Doctson Scouting Notes

Josh Doctson is coming off a remarkable season for the TCU Horned Frogs and is poised to come off the board somewhere in the first round of NFL draft. Here’s a look at his scouting report with the help of some of CFB Film Room’s advanced stats.


Where he wins

Doctson’s ability to battle for contested catches sets him apart for the other receivers in this class.

He hauled in 20 of his 37 contested targets in 2015—one of the few receivers with a contested catch rate over 50 percent.

Receivers with this skill set (Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Evans being two other recent examples) often make a smooth transition to the NFL. Even when other areas of their game are severely lacking (Kelvin Benjamin, for example) the ability to win even in tight coverage gives a young receiver immediate value.


NFL Role

Doctson lacks elite speed and isn’t overly physical, which makes him better suited to stay on the outside where he played in college rather than transition to the slot.

He not only has the skills to compete for contested catches, but he also has the route-running technique to create separation on the intermediate routes.

Check out how he stacks up against other receivers in this class at the intermediate level:

Intermediate Routes

An 83 percent catch rate is unheard of in this range, and speaks to Doctson’s well-rounded skill set. He not only knows how to work himself open, but he also avoids mistakes (see that 3.2 percent drop rate?).


Pro Comparison: DeAndre Hopkins

Like Hopkins, Doctson doesn’t have elite speed or size. But if you run crisp routes, know how to position yourself against your coverage and avoid costly mistakes you can win a lot of battles.

Maybe Doctson won’t reach the elite level that Hopkins rose to in 2015, but he’ll be a productive starter in the league by winning with the same style.

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