Alabama 45, Clemson 40

CFBFR Player of the Game: Jake Coker, QB, Alabama
Six Things to Know…
1. Jake Coker was locked in

Clemson brought consistent pressure but it never fazed Coker.

Coker was 9-11 for 252 yards and two touchdowns when facing pressure from Clemson.

That follows up a performance against Michigan State in which he was 12-16 for 129 yards and four TD. His playoff totals under pressure: 21-27 (77.8%), 381 yards and four touchdowns. That is a legendary performance.

2. Watson lives up to hype

Coker’s performance may have come as a surprise, but Watson was the quarterback needing to live up to lofty expectations.

He completed 11 of 17 passes under pressure for 151 yards, and also scrambled to avoid pressure six times, picking up 49 more yards on the ground.

3. Who is Hunter Renfrow?

The walk-on redshirt freshman emerged from nowhere to become one of the major storylines of the game.

Entering the title game, Deshaun Watson had not targeted Renfrow in the end zone all season. Then he promptly went 2-2 throwing to Renfrow in the end zone in the first quarter against Alabama, burning Minkah Fitzpatrick in coverage both times.

4. Kevin Dodd vs. Dominick Jackson

Dodd made himself some money in the title game, exposing the right side of Alabama’s offensive line.

Dodd generated 10 quarterback pressures (including three sacks) with six coming against Dominick Jackson.

Jackson finished the game with six pressures allowed on 30 pass-block snaps, a woeful success rate of 80 percent.

5. Derrick Henry shut down, sort of.

Surprisingly, Henry wasn’t the storyline of the game, despite finishing with a strong stat line of 158 yards and three touchdowns.

50 of Henry’s yards came on one long touchdown run early in the first quarter, which also included 34 of his 52 total yards after contact.

Known for his power running style, Clemson did a decent job containing Henry, stopping him for zero yards after contact on 27 of his 36 attempts.

Henry’s relative lack of success makes Coker’s performance all the more impressive.

6. O.J. Howard: deep threat?

Howard was targeted at 25 or more yards downfield just three times all season (with two receptions). But Coker was 2-2 on his deep targets to Howard against Clemson, resulting in 104 yards and two touchdowns.

  • AY/Att – Air Yards per Attempt. The average distance the ball travels through the air per pass attempt.

    CTgt – Contested target. Any time the receiver had to compete with a defensive back for the ball.

    CRec – Contested targets which still resulted in a completed pass.

    Db – Dropbacks. Total number of times a QB drops back to pass.

    Dp – Number of dropped passes by receivers.

    Fm – Fumble
    Fm Lst – Fumble lost

    Ht – A hit on the QB.

    Hur – Hurry. When the QB was forced from the pocket, or forced to rush/alter his throw by a defender.

    MT – Missed tackle (or missed tackles forced for offensive players).

    PB Snaps – Pass block snaps.

    PB % – Pass block percentage. Total percentage of pass block snaps on which the blocker did not allow a sack, hit or hurry.

    Pres – Number of times QB was pressured.

    Stuff – Any play resulting a zero or negative yards.

    TA – Thrown away. Number of balls thrown away by QB.

    Tack % – Tackle percentage. Calculated as tackles divided by tackles + missed tackles)

    YAC (RBs) – Yards after contact. Defined as yards gained after significant contact which took some level of strength and/or agility to avoid. Does not include yards after the first minor or incidental contact.

    YAC (WRs) – Yards after catch.

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