Breaking Down Josh Rosen’s UCLA Debut

It’s tough to live up to expectations when your nickname is the Chosen Rosen, but Josh Rosen delivered in his UCLA debut on Saturday against Virginia.

Here’s a look at Rosen’s passing chart by down and direction, followed by a breakdown of his brilliant performance.

Rosen Week 1

Perfect Under Pressure

No matter the skills of the freshman, it’s unrealistic to expect him to handle pressure well.

Virginia brought a solid pass rush, getting pressure on Rosen on 16 of his 36 dropbacks, but managed to bring him down for a sack just once.

Under pressure, Rosen completed 11 of 15 passes for 128 yards and one touchdown—a remarkable performance in a freshman debut.

Chosen RosenDeep Passing

Aside from his poise under pressure, what stood out most about Rosen’s physical tools was his accuracy downfield.

Rosen completed six of 11 passes thrown at least 15 yards down the field, and had another dropped by Kenny Walker.

Spreading the ball around

Rosen didn’t try to force the ball to any one reliable target as some young quarterbacks tend to do, especially under pressure.

Rosen targeted 12 different receivers, with 11 of them hauling in at least one catch.

Running back Paul Perkins led the way with seven targets, with Devin Fuller following with six.

Junior receiver Thomas Duarte was targeted four times, with three of the targets coming in the end zone.

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