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Trevone Boykin Advanced Stats Breakdown

Boykin Game Log

Note: Boykin’s stats include FBS opponents only. Our stats do not match up with “official” statistics due to our policy to classify tap passes as handoffs. 

Performance Under Pressure

BoykinsBoykin’s performance under pressure is one of his best assets.

His 51.2 completion percentage is even more impressive given his 12.3 air yards per target. He wasn’t simply checking down under pressure, but continuing to keep his eyes downfield and attempting the challenging throws.

Even more impressive is the fact that his attempt per interception ratio is better under pressure than when given time. This speaks his decision-making skills and his willingness to make the deeper throws, but not just toss the ball up for grabs.

Deep Ball

boykin 10 plusOne of the only disappointing stats from Boykin’s 2014 season was his limited success down the field.

His completion percentage certainly isn’t alarming, but it can’t be considered a strength either.

The stats make you wonder just how much he relies on Josh Doctson. Boykin completed over 50 percent of his targets at 10 or more yards to Doctson, but barely eclipsed 40 percent when targeting all other receivers.

Favorite Targets

pressure targets boykinIt should come as no surprise that Boykin relies heavily on Josh Doctson to bail him out in pressure situations. 26 percent of Boykins attempts under pressure were aimed at Doctson.

The lack of targets to his top running backs, Green and Catalon, is also noteworthy, further underscoring his willingness and ability to keep his eyes downfield. Green and Catalon combined for just 21 targets under pressure.

Deep Threats

20 yards TCUTCU loves to throw the deep ball, and Boykin almost exclusively targets Listenbee and Doctson.

Listenbee was Boykin’s primary target on deep balls, with 36 of his 77 total targets from Boykin coming beyond 20 yards.

Doctson’s 23 deep targets represented just 20 percent of his total targets from Boykin.

Red Zone Weapons

red zone targetsBoykin spread the ball around in the red zone, targeting 12 different receivers on his 51 attempts inside the opponents 20.

Doctson was clearly the favorite with eight receptions on 15 targets.

When throwing the ball into the end zone while in the red zone, Doctson was the overwhelming favorite for Boykin with 11 targets on 23 attempts.

3rd & Long

3rd 4th downWhere would Boykin be without Doctson?

When faced with a 3rd or 4th down and five or more yards to go, Doctson received 25 of Boykins 89 total targets and converted 12 first downs.

Listenbee was his next most favorite target but with limited results, as only three of his 14 targets resulted in a conversion. This is partially due to the fact that Listenbee was used in the more difficult situations, as eight of his 14 targets game with 10 or more yards to go.

David Porter was quietly effective in these situations, hauling in 10 of 12 targets with six conversions.